I got quite a few congratulations on my business anniversary from LinkedIn. It's so hard to believe that Haven Scent Soaps turned 14 on February 2. I'm not sure where the time has gone but I still love what I do and enjoy researching and making new products to introduce into my line. I'm currently working on a wet shave soap for my guy customers and looking forward to hearing from my testers what they think. Wet shave soap is totally different from my bath & body soaps so it has taken me awhile to learn how to make but really pleased with how it's come along. I'm also just about to add my new laundry detergent. I've been using it myself for over a year and loving the way my clothes loo

Springlike Weather

I love spring but it is only half way through February and we're already having high 50's. Even my weeds are starting to turn green. I'm just hoping that my trees and shrubs don't try and bud cause I know we'll get cold weather again and they'll go into shock. That happened a couple of years ago and they never recovered that season. I do enjoy looking out the windows of my studio when it's nice outside plus it's always fun to open my windows and turn off the heaters. The pleasant weather really gives me the boost to get back into production mode after the cold winter we had in December and January. It's hard to get motivated when it's bitter outside. Even though I'm making products and

Wanting to make Soap

I was wanting to make soap this week but alas I have a clogged drain in the sink in my studio. I've tried 3 different types of drain cleaners with no luck and even bought a sink snake but again with no positive outcome. I was trying to fix the problem myself. So I called my handy plumber and he'll come out this week. It's snowing today and the roads are horrible so I didn't want him to try and drive to my house since I live in the country and have dirt or should I say mud roads right now. I don't want to waste my day so I'll do paperwork. This is not my favorite part of owning my own business but is necessary. Soap making will just have to wait till later this week. On a positive note

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