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Elaine Massad, The Soap Lady

I began making handmade soap because I grew up thinking I had dry skin and after research, I discovered it wasn't my skin but the commercial products that I was using which are actually detergents.  


Haven Scent Soaps, created in my studio, are hand cut and cured for several seeks to ensure that they are gentle enough for your face and body.  

Elaine Massad


Here are some reasons why you should use handmade soap:


     1.  It retains its natural glycerin.  This is one of the reasons those with sensitive skin often find relief in handmade soap.


     2.  Handmade soaps are detergent free.


     3.  Handmade soaps are environmentally more friendly.


     4.  Buyers of handmade soap are supporting small business-often local ones.


TIP:  Using a well-drained soap dish will help extend the life of your bar.


If you have any questions feel free to email us at: or give us a call at 505-438-4551 Monday-Friday 9-4 MST.


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I love being able to look outside while creating my soaps and bath products. 

These are some of my supplies.  It's wonderful to have them so convenient to my work table. 

My booth at the Saturday Santa Fe Artist's Market in the Railyard.  

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