Becoming a Foodie

Okay as much as I love making soap and bath products I've been working on becoming a better and healthy cook. It's very similar to soaping ie: recipes, following directions and I surprise myself with what I've learned and created. Last Sunday I made a whole chicken with vegetables in my dutch oven and was amazed how delicious and easy it was. Plus it was a one pot meal so that's a plus. Since I'm a Virgo I have to keep recipes in a folder and make notes when after I cook so if I want to change something the next time I'll remember. My most fun recipe was making ButterBeer at Christmas with my daughter. Since we're both huge Harry Potter fans it was only appropriate to have some.

How Haven Scent Soaps Was Born

I grew up always thinking that I had dry skin and of course iteched a lot. During that time you only had a few choices for soap such as Ivory, Dove and of course Zest. In 2001 I saw a demonstration on how to make soap and it fascinated me. I started doing research, reading everything I could and learned that commercial soap is actually detergent and thus drying to the skin. Talking with other soapers I began working on recipes and after 6 months I made my first attempt at making soap. Let's just say it was okay but I wasn't satisfied. I kept trying new recipes and finally after 3 more months I made soap that was worth using and not throwing in the trash. After this was accomplished I b

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