How Haven Scent Soaps Was Born

I grew up always thinking that I had dry skin and of course iteched a lot. During that time you only had a few choices for soap such as Ivory, Dove and of course Zest.

In 2001 I saw a demonstration on how to make soap and it fascinated me. I started doing research, reading everything I could and learned that commercial soap is actually detergent and thus drying to the skin. Talking with other soapers I began working on recipes and after 6 months I made my first attempt at making soap. Let's just say it was okay but I wasn't satisfied. I kept trying new recipes and finally after 3 more months I made soap that was worth using and not throwing in the trash. After this was accomplished I began working on bath products and now offer soaps, massage/body oils, face and body scrubs, lotion bars, sachets, room sprays and honey lip balm.

Haven Scent Soaps, created in my studio, only uses the best ingredients to create a beautiful and luxurious in-home spa experience and allow yourself to be pampered.

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