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Springlike Weather

I love spring but it is only half way through February and we're already having high 50's. Even my weeds are starting to turn green. I'm just hoping that my trees and shrubs don't try and bud cause I know we'll get cold weather again and they'll go into shock. That happened a couple of years ago and they never recovered that season.

I do enjoy looking out the windows of my studio when it's nice outside plus it's always fun to open my windows and turn off the heaters. The pleasant weather really gives me the boost to get back into production mode after the cold winter we had in December and January. It's hard to get motivated when it's bitter outside.

Even though I'm making products and have a couple of new ones that I'm working on, I still can't help but think about what herbs and flowers I want to plant. Oh yea I'm also making my list of spring cleaning projects.

So off to make soaps and finish up some paperwork. Hope everyone has a wonderful day and weekend.

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